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Deville Dinerbar has been getting a fair amount of buzz on the internet lately. I’d heard about one dish in particular from a few people on Twitter that just seemed too good to pass up – the Lobster BLTA. So, last weekend I headed out for a rare Sunday lunch with the lady (it’s OK, the 49ers were playing at 4).

Located right downtown on Stanley just above Ste. Catherine, Deville is a good looking diner. I’d classify it as retro-modern sleek. The menu was far more varied than I was expecting, with actually quite a few dishes that I would have liked to try. But we were just popping in for a quick lunch and I was determined to try the Lobster BLTA, so that’s what I ordered. The GF went with the Neptune Ahi Tuna Salad.

Lobster BLTA - Yes, it's messy, I had to switch to fork and knife to finish it off.

The Lobster BLTA is, as its name suggests, a lobster, bacon, lettuce, tomato and avocado sandwich. I had heard a lot about this sandwich so I had high expectations coming in. I’m happy to report that it delivered. Nice firm chunks of lobster, citrusy dressing, smooth avocado, fresh tomatoes and crisp salty bacon piled high on a buttery yet light brioche bun. How could that NOT be good? This is a really solid sandwich with a great combination of flavours and textures. I didn’t have a beer this time, but this thing with a nice blanche beer has a serious shot at making it into my regular rotation. At $23 it’s not exactly a cheap sandwich, but given the overall portion size and, specifically, the quantity of quality lobster meat I felt like I got my money’s worth.

Lobster BLTA and Fries - Big Portions

The sandwich comes with ultra thin fries, which served as a more than adequate sidekick. Making fries isn’t rocket science, but countless restaurants somehow get them wrong (how they allow that to happen is something I have yet to comprehend). Bad fries suck and can really put a damper on a meal. These ones were good – hot, crisp and fresh.

Neptune Ahi Tuna Salad

The Neptune Ahi Tuna Salad was no slouch either. It’s a mixed green base with a bunch of good stuff in there tossed in a shallot vinaigrette and topped with seared sesame tuna. My GF really enjoyed it although she thought it could have used a bit more salt. The piece of tuna that I tried was as soft and delicately flavoured as you would expect high quality seared tuna to be. The seasoning on the edamame beans was also a big hit and overall the salad was fresh and crisp.

I’ll definitely be back to Deville Dinerbar. Portion sizes are huge, the place is nice, service was friendly and they’ve got a good looking, fully stocked bar, including a number of wines by the glass. Also worth noting are the couple of TVs mounted next to the bar which suggest that this might even be a good spot to drop into on a game night. I’m a creature of habit; when I find something I like I stick with it. So, the challenge for me on future visits will to be to resist ordering the Lobster BLTA and actually try the rest of that menu.

Price: Lobster BLTA – $23, Seared Tuna Salad – $22
Rating: 3 – It’s good, man (granted, I have only sampled two dishes, but I’m confident this rating will stick)  

Deville Dinerbar on Urbanspoon

Deville Dinerbar – 1425 Stanley Street  - 514.281.6556

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