Ratings Explained

Restaurants will be rated 1 to 4 using my patented system, which has been developed and refined over the last few years.  No half points will be allowed.

1 – “Out” (said with a dismissive wave of the hand) : When a place ends up in this category it is because something has gone terribly wrong. It’s unlikely that I’ll come across many spots that merit this tag since I tend to be pretty anal (an anal lawyer?) about where I go out to eat, but it has happened before so I like having it in my back pocket. Makes me feel tough.

2 – “Meh, it’s OK” (said with a shrug of the shoulders) : These places are just OK. It is highly unlikely that I would return to eat at one on my own or recommend any of them, but if a group of friends was heading to one I wouldn’t actively attempt to veto it.

3 – “It’s good, man” (said with a satisfied half head shake / tilt) : These are good solid restaurants. I would gladly return to any of them and would recommend them to friends.

4 – “Out of control” (said with a full head shake, almost in disbelief) : Truly rare air. If a restaurant gets a 4 it is because the experience really was out of control. I can’t think of a better way to say it (although I will try). These are the kinds of meals that you don’t forget and that everyone you know hears about for several weeks after.

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