Moliterno Pecorino Cheese: A New Discovery

It has been a while since my last post (work and what not). So I figured I would check in with a quick one. If you have read my first post on cheeses you will know that Caccio di Bosco (pecorino infused with truffle) is one of my favourites. Lately, however, the Caccio di Bosco available at my go to cheese shop (Fromagerie Atwater) has been too young. When it is young it is softer and creamier. I prefer it when it is harder, more dry and more crumbly. Due to this unfortunate turn of events I have been forced to consider alternatives. You know what they say, from adversity comes opportunity; a while ago I discovered another pecorino infused with truffle – Moliterno. From Sardinia in Italy, this sheep’s milk pecorino is firm, salty and rich. Salty is the key word, this one is definitely saltier than Caccio di Bosco. My research tells me that the truffle paste is actually injected post production, after the cheese has aged. As a result, there is a nice truffle flavour throughout but the really special bites are those where you get some of the truffle rich vein.

Get some Moliterno and some Valdeon blue cheese (another one of my favourites) and you’ve got a great cheese plate.

What? You don't label your cheese plate at home?

The wheel of Moliterno that they have at Fromagerie Atwater right now is plenty old and plenty crumbly. Highly recommended.

That vein is the key to the truffly goodness.


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