Colville Bay Oysters – Da Best!

We eat a lot of oysters at home. Like most food items in my life, I usually get my oysters at Atwater Market. Recently (or maybe I only noticed recently), they have started carrying Colville Bay oysters. The first time I tried one was during a particularly raucous dinner at Joe Beef, and I was immediately hooked. Since that time they have been my go to oyster, so I thought I’d share a couple of words.

Colville Bay oysters are grown in Colville Bay, Prince Edward Island and harvested by the aptly named Colville Bay Oyster Company, a family owned company. What’s so good about them? In a couple of words – plump, firm, a bit sweet, briny but not too salty and just really clean. If you’ve never had that clean fresh taste of the sea experience that oyster lovers always rave about then get your hands on a Colville Bay and you’ll see what all the fuss is about. I absolutely love the taste of these things. The quality control also seems to be top notch, I can’t remember ever getting a “dud”. And if that’s not enough, they’re not bad to look at (as far as oysters go), with their distinctive tear drop shaped  jade / emerald coloured shells. In doing a bit of research I’ve discovered that these oysters have something of a cult following. Given that I’m dedicating a post to them, it looks like I might be ready to join that cult.

Next time you’re picking up oysters at your fish market or ordering in a restaurant keep an eye out for Colville Bays. They’re the best.

The quintessential Colville Bay oyster, with a beautiful jade coloured teardrop shaped shell.


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  1. Jade says:

    So true !! I ate some at Brasserie T lately; The best oyster I’ve eaten in my life!! Makes me want to visit Prince Edward Island this summer for a foodie trip :)

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